September 2017

In this performance video I state my idea of interactive media as an art form, or with the potential to create works of art. Of course the controller is the painting’s brush, but the interactivity analogy is given between me, the director, with the painters and the controllers. Each painture color symbolizes a step in the medium’s evolution, and is chosen for many reasons, a part from the chromatic relation.

Black – the medium starting main color. Pong, Asteroids, Space Invaders…
Magenta – representing both “violence topic” and the huge financial heap illusion, converting this interesting medium in the most successful in the entertainment industry.
Orange – it carries less of red’s aggressiveness due to its combination with yellow. But yellow can be seen as sickness or madness… This for me represents the state in which the medium is today, where sometimes games try to tell us meaningful and emotional stories but we’re still using the same primitive mechanics.
Blue – after the painting’s collapse, everything calms down and the painters draw these blue thin lines, representing a state of serenity and introspection.